Agustí Amorós

Agustí Amorós

With about 15 years of experience as a consultant and area manager at AIS Aplicaciones de Inteligencia Artificial, Agustí Amorós has been appointed Sales Director of the company for Spain and Portugal.

His nearly 25 years working in the sales departments of the companies he has collaborated along his extensive career have provided him with plenty of knowledge regarding the problems companies of multiple sectors face daily, specially those related with credit risk management, marketing and planning. 

Prior to joining AIS in 1998, Amorós had held the position of Head of Programming and Marketing Communications at Boton Cyber Comunicaciones, S.L., Sales Director at  Bárnasys, S.A. and Sales Manager of big accounts at C.S.K. Spain, S.A.

In addition to his commercial dedication, the career of Agustí Amorós has a more technical side. cuenta. In the 80s he was project manager in Banco Atlántico, having an importat role in the national unification of the processes of clearing and authorization of MasterCard and Visa. At Bárnasys S.A. as well as acting as Sales Director, he actively participated in the design and development of computer systems for the financial sector.

Agustí Amorós is appointed Sales Director for Spain and Portugal at AIS in a specially difficult moment for the economy of both countries and their business community. Amorós believes that the role of AIS at this moment of the cycle is to work closely with customers to implement high valued solutions at a reasonable cost. The needs have changed and therefore the solutions.