Following the restructuring of the financial sector after SIPs (“cold mergers”), acquisitions, takeovers, alliances and mergers, the resultant banks are in urgent need of unifying their data. However trivial it may seem, this task is a major technological challenge. To meet this demand, the companies AIS and DEYDE have strengthened their alliance with joint standardisation/deduplication and characterisation services for customer databases.

Having reliable geodemographic data is essential for carrying out commercial campaigns and effective marketing, and is also a key factor in designing business strategies.

AIS and DEYDE have standardisation/deduplication database records. In the new landscape, which is still in flux, many of the resulting organisations will have to integrate their databases. It is very important to avoid duplication of records, which can be produced easily by filling fields differently. DEYDE, a standardisation specialist, provides address standardisation services, census tract allocation and assignment of the most common geographic coordinates, as well as the standardisation of names, the location of duplicate customers and telephone number and email address standardisation.

Standardising databases and their contents is one of the first steps that should be taken by these new entities. This provides benefits at the planning level, but standardising and codifying customer addresses is also a requirement for financial institutions, according to the Tax Code, in force since January 2009.

However, AIS and DEYDE have come together to be able to offer institutions a richer database, so that it is very useful and reliable for designing strategies and planning actions. This is achieved by assigning the consumer typologies tool, Habits® from AIS.

Habits® is a segmentation of Spanish families according to their social, demographic and economic traits. It provides information about the expenditure profile for each type of household in each micro-zone, either via census tract or street location. Unlike other typologies, Habits® does not just provide the dominant type in each zone, it also provides the density of each type. It is built from public databases and so scrupulously complies with the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection.

Once the customer database is standardised for clients, Habits® statistically assigns a typology to each record based on consumption variables, such as spending on home insurance, transportation, health, furniture, household equipment and maintenance and vehicle purchase in relation to the prevailing average income per census tract and age of the inhabitants.

Thus, there is a great enrichment of data which greatly facilitates the accurate calculation of business opportunities in the territory. This will be critical when the restructuring situation stabilises, which is expected in a few weeks, and the new institutions begin or resume their activities within new frameworks and new business strategies.


AIS and DEYDE have collaborated since 2006. One of their most notable projects together was the CECA geomarketing sector project. In addition, both companies have the support of large companies such as MAPFRE, Seguros Generali and Sogecable, among others.


DEYDE is a specialist in the optimisation of databases with a high volume of customer information. Their computerised systems for name standardisation, address encoding and alphabetic deduplication is available for both online purposes (via manual, call centre or web recording) and in batch-processing of massive data. DEYDE currently has customers as demanding of their data quality as Allianz, Bankinter, Caser, Digital+, Mapfre, Reale, Sanitas, Securitas Direct and Sol Meliá.

About AIS

AIS – Aplicaciones de Inteligencia Artificial is a strategic, financial and technological consultancy with operations at an international level. Its speciality is creating support systems for decision-making based on statistical modelling (forecasting) and mathematics (optimisation).

AIS works in the financial sector in the risk, marketing and planning areas. In marketing, it focuses on quantitative marketing by providing the most reliable and advanced models for customers to achieve the greatest business impact. AIS works in fields like market research, targeting, customer intelligence, propensity and abandonment models, geomarketing, characterisation of points of sale, etc. Almost all solutions targeted at marketing personnel have the Habits® typology as a common basis, which was created by the company.

Among the companies and institutions relying on AIS are AXA, BBVA, Convergencia i Unió, Dia, Generali, Indra, MAPFRE, the Spanish Home Office, the Galician Government, PSC, the Alcampo Group, Sogecable and Grupo Planeta.