AIS provides the financial sector with a new strategic planning tool which calculates the optimal structure for assets and liabilities, taking into account all the constraints faced by a financial entity.

In the current climate of regulatory and macroeconomic uncertainty, it is extremely useful to have a system which can simulate changes in the different regulations and scenarios, showing the entity’s requirements in times of macroeconomic change and/or transition of regulatory requirements in order to allow an optimal strategic business plan to be drawn up.

This is the goal which has led AIS to develop Strategic Advisor, an intelligent system for optimising the investment and financing structure of a financial entity.

Strategic Advisor is a tool which calculates the optimal allocation of portfolios in order to meet the bank’s business targets, taking into account all types of restrictions, whether regulatory or defined by the entity itself. This allows us to see which decisions need to be implemented with regards to business, profitability and risk strategy in order to focus our strategy on the most profitable businesses with the most suitable financing.

Strategic Advisor therefore helps to accurately quantify business goals and analyse capacity to generate profits for some entities, or how to achieve viability for others.

In order to provide the optimal structure for assets and liabilities, the new AIS tool simulates different macroeconomic scenarios and indicates the most plausible, whilst allowing changes such as GDP or unemployment rate to be introduced in the macroeconomic variables by one of the entity’s experts in order to simulate a specific scenario. One of the innovative features of the scenario simulation module is that it can recalculate macroeconomic variable values. In other words, it allows users to impose their own hypotheses in any variable in any future period, with the system automatically setting the other variables and maintaining their coherence, in order to then estimate the value of losses of different credit assets based on the macro-environment.

Moreover, using the chosen scenario, Strategic Adviser calculates optimal feasible business flows and displays them in business plan format, in the same way as the Projected Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and charting of the Evolution of Assets and Liabilities.

It also integrates the programmes and tools currently used by the entity. Strategic Advisor is integrated in the existing planning platforms and includes risk models without any need for modification.

The integration and handling offered by Strategic Advisor for the different scenarios make it a revolutionary planning system.