Automation of industrial processes

The problem

Repetitive tasks in company departments, when they are massive and prone to frequent changes, are often formalised into internal procedures. The executors of these tasks are responsible for compliance with these procedures. Examples of these tasks are configuring the response to customer demands, troubleshooting checklists, rules for accepting orders, machine parameters, predictive maintenance, distribution of documents to departments, reallocating problematic customer invoices in incident prevention, etc.

These tasks can lead to important decisions or information being transmitted that influences the business management system.

The propensity to make errors, failure to properly implement procedures, either by not performing parts of it or using outdated versions, generates potentially wrong decisions, which may be avoided by formalising procedures in an ad-hoc computer system.

The solution

GMR is a strategy management software, which enables the creation and maintenance of decision flows based on rules in a graphical environment and with the support of a user pseudo programming language. The system stores the flows created, controls the versions and allows their behaviour to be simulated. GMR is a multiplatform that automatically compiles and generates the dynamic library (dll) implementing the defined business flow.

Implementing GMR in business processes not covered by ERP, which are massive and changing, improves the performance of people using these business processes, increases customer satisfaction, service productivity and improves compliance with company rules and procedures. The user can also trace the paths followed by the software to make the final decision.

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