Granting of credit is a critical and fundamental phase in risk management. When managed properly, it ensures the creation of a healthy portfolio. The scoring and rating models are essential tools for measuring the risk taken and to establish permissible levels.

AIS methods for granting credit are classified as follows:

  • Private individual scores: These include both reactive models (for non-customers or partly related ones) and proactive models (for related customers) to evaluate consumer, mortgage or credit card operations and to manage authorised customer overdrafts.
  • Self-employed people and micro-enterprises scores: This specific group of customers requires specially designed models. AIS has extensive experience in this area and has been successful in both reactive and proactive models.
  • Corporate ratings: Corporate customers are a diverse group whose risk can be measured using credit rating models. AIS has extensive experience in developing this type of model, and uses the most relevant information in its analysis. However, it can also support the organisation in maximising its performance through management integration.
  • SaaS scoring (Software as a Service): is aimed at providing customers with standard or customised reactive credit score models as quickly and easily as possible, with minimal infrastructure and zero cost maintenance models.
  • Open Banking  AIS KnowU: Software tool that allows to capture data to know the financial situation of non-clients or unrelated clients, individuals or legal entities, taking advantage of the transactional information of all the entities they work with (aggregation), in order to grant new credit operations.