Collection and recovery

AIS has developed cutting edge tools which constitute a radical shift in the management of collection, making it more efficient and significantly improving the results. This is achieved with effective monitoring of actions and their results and models oriented to optimising collection strategies.

AIS collection management models are classified as follows:

  • Collection scoring: AIS recovery models are not only focused on determining the profiles which are more or less likely to lead to recovery, but also on the most appropriate actions to be taken in each case, by quantifying the strategy in terms of ROI and simulating the different alternatives.
  • Refinancing scoring: Refinancing operations with payment difficulties is a growing need in the current environment. Refinancing models facilitate this task by identifying which customers are more likely to succeed and the conditions best suited to each case.
  • Early warning scoring: basing on proactive follow-up and on short term information update, this model detects which clients may incur arrears, before the default is a reality. The early warning scoring recommends actions to take to prevent the default occurs.
  • Recovery Strategy®: This is a tool for optimising monitoring and collection management.