GMR Scoring and business rules engine

The problem

Every company is faced with a series of processes (calculations, scheduling actions, alerts, internal procedures, validation circuits, controls, etc) that dominate the daily functioning of most departments.

If we consider that often systems and computing platforms are different, the problem is worse. In the best of cases, it leads to the need to develop connectors and gateways and, in the worst cases, to having entirely manual procedures.

In addition, collaboration between departments, promoted to optimise their performance, often forces these types of project to be limited due to their technical complexity.

The solution

GMR means everything can be performed quickly by designing a system based on a series of rules, with the minimum intervention from the organisation’s IT department.

GMR facilitates the work of different departments in the organisation in the management of business rules:

  • To create and modify decision flows containing models, decision matrices and rules using a high-level programming language, which is very simple and easy to use.
  • To validate the proper functioning of the decision flows using a test environment where test cases can be included.
  • To facilitate and minimise the involvement of the IT department when implementing the multitude of business rules that the various departments in the organisation need to include.
  • To create an engine component that facilitates the task of integrating a particular set of business rules in the organisation’s production systems.