The proliferation of tools and models available in the credit risk management of financial institutions, together with the major changes in the macroeconomic environment, means the monitoring function is now more important than ever before. AIS has developed tools and models that facilitate this work and make it a source of opportunities.

AIS monitoring methods are:

  • Behavioural: Models based on customer behaviour can anticipate and minimise future problems, by defining appropriate policies. Revolving products (such as credit cards) allow active management of the portfolio that guarantees low risk.
  • Bureau: To be aware of the status of our client in the financial system is fundamental for making sound decisions. The best tool to synthesise this information is a Bureau Score, which is an ideal addition to models used internally by financial institutions.
  • AIS Observer: A comprehensive credit risk monitoring and control tool. It builds on a data mart credit history that allows to follow multiple risk indicators and to analyse their implications , as well as the evaluation of prediction and measurement models, or the simulation of future scenarios and their impact on the various organisation portfolios.