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AIS was founded by Prof. Ramon Trias i Capella in Barcelona in 1987, starting with the development of applications for credit risk management in financial institutions.

AIS was a key player in the computerisation of banking in Spain. In the mid 80s, the risk areas for most Spanish financial institutions was in performing many tasks manually, including the assessment of applications for credit operations. AIS introduced rating systems in Spain and for a decade was the only company that did so in the country. Currently, about 70% of Spanish banks use AIS tools for granting credit.

In parallel with geographic expansion in Latin America in the early 90s, AIS began its diversification by successfully applying its techniques and methodologies in other sectors. Among others, it developed and installed a latest generation system for production planning in the corrugated cardboard sector and another to optimise the distribution of print media to kiosk vendors.

AIS and the Olympics

The history of AIS is also linked to the Olympics. In 1992, AIS developed a sophisticated scheduling system for the event calendar. This application was first used when preparing the race schedule for the Barcelona ’92 Paralympic Games. Success with this led the Catalan company to also organise the Paralympic calendar for Atlanta 96 and Sydney 2000.

Since 2000

At the turn of the new century, AIS continued as a consultant for financial institutions, in Latin America as well as Spain, for commercial banks, development banks and, occasionally, in projects for the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Highlights in recent years have been the development of a financial institution supervision manual for the Colombian government’s financial supervising authority (Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia).
In the latter half of the decade, shortly before the global financial crisis, AIS prepared a stress test system called Risk Dynamics into the Future (RDF), which was one step ahead of the traditional methods used.

Quantitative marketing

Virtually since the company began, AIS has been active in other areas and sectors as well as in the risk management of financial institutions. In recent years, the work AIS has done in quantitative marketing has become especially relevant. The creation of the Habits® typologies has given rise to new solutions and projects for marketing and sales managers. Thus, AIS currently supports large companies in areas such as customer intelligence, product launches and business planning, etc.