International Tenders

AIS, Aplicaciones de Inteligencia Artificial is a regular applicant of international tenders since 2001. AIS has been awarded several projects funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank and the African Development Bank, as well as projects with domestic funding.

AIS in international tenders of credit risk management, public banks, banking and financeReferences


Four of the biggest Development financial institutions of Latinamerica have trusted in AIS to get quantitative methodologies and software for managing their credit risk lifecycle.

Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal (SHF) a body from Mexican Goverment, manages a price index for second hand houses, designed, developed and maintained by AIS.


The Latin American Association of Development Financial Institutions monitors the endeavour and performance of its members through a multicriteria index (ALIDE Index), designed and developed by AIS.


Caisse Centrale de Garanties has contracted AIS the development of quantitative methodologies to measure credit risk. CCG acts as a second tier bank, and assigns credit lines to Banks and financial institutions for awarding subprime individuals and emerging MSMEs.

AIS Methodologies

AIS pioneered the adoption of statistical methodologies to manage credit risk in Spain and Latin America. The scope now spans every stage of a credit: planning, awarding, monitoring, early warning and collections and recovery).

Further contributions from AIS are: statistical valuation of Real Estate properties credit porftolio stress tests, automated financial advise for final customers in retail banking, risk adjusted balancesheet optimisation for financial institutions –including macroeconomic scenarios), multicriteria performance measurement in development banking institutions, fund optimization for provision of natural disasters,…

AIS Software

AIS portfolio includes software, as a complement for the methodologies described above:

GMR Rules Engine: Middleware to manage business rules (both expert and scoring-based), to align current policies to daily operation. The software has to be integrated in host business applications.

SIC Risk Intelligence: Specialised Business Intelligence software (based in Oracle technology) to monitor credit portfolio performance and the predictive power of statistical models.

Recovery Strategy: Integral software application to manage collections and recovery planning and execution activities. Designed to handle due debts of any type: individuals, SME, pre-legal and legal processes, direct or subcontracted recovery. The optimal actions for every customer at every point in time are managed by GMR Rules Engine.

SCACS: Broad-scope management software and workflow for the credit activity.

Strategic Advisor: Simulation environment to simulate balancesheet evolution in financial institutions under stress conditions.

FERN Software: Full suite of core banking software from Northern Ireland based company, FERN, for banks and financial institutions operating in emerging economies.

AIS partnership network

AIS supplements its value proposition with an external network of experts, individual or SMEs, in areas of knowledge close to AIS core activity.

  • Operational and market risk.
  • MSME development, from several points of view (productivity, association, succession, association…)
  • Senior experts in agribusiness and cultural heritage (artisanry, tourism).
  • Green banking.
  • Tax auditing.
  • Regulation.
  • Residual assets.
  • Financial aspects of energy industry sector, energetic efficiency, renewables.
  • Population and poverty analysis 

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