Risk Management

Organized by APSF “Risk Management”, Mr. Daniel Torrents, Area Manager Morocco, and Mr. José Manuel Aguirre, AIS sales director 4th April 2013, Casablanca (Morocco)

Kertys and AIS partners in Morocco

AIS and the Moroccan firm Kertys have signed a partnership agreement. Kertys is a consulting company specialized in the integration and implementation of performance management solutions. Kertys provides businesses with functional and technical expertise in this area....

CRM – Quantitative Finance

Organized  by Centre de Recerca Matemàtica “Generation of macroeconomic scenarios for stress testing in credit risk”, Mr Ferran Carrascosa, project manager 22 February 2013, Barcelona More information

Smart City – Forum TIG/SIG

Organized by Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya and Associació Catalana de Tecnologies d’Informació Geospacial “Demographics and market”, Mr. Agustí Amorós, sales manager for Spain and Portugal  15 November 2012, Barcelona